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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2011

Argentinian winemakers going ashore in Europe / Enólogos argentinos desembarcan en Europa

José Spisso, Marcelo Pelleriti and Leo Borsi are Argentinians who work in the Old Continent and have managed to leave their quality mark on wines recognized by the international critics. Like tennis and football, wine also has Argentinian ambassadors in Europe. Such is the case of Marcelo Pelleriti in France and José Spisso in Spain, who work in harvest in both Argentina and Europe. They got the star part not only for introducing innovation in the tradition. They are ambassadors of Argentine culture and wines in the Old World. In WineSur’s visit to Europe, we also met Leo Borsi, winemaker at Domaine du Vieux Télegraphe in Chateauneuf du Pape. With the Argentinian winemakers’ arrivals in Europe, relationships take precedence over trade competitions; exchanges entail companionship and broaden technicians’ vision in pursuit of a sole outcome: obtain the best possible quality, using resources within their reach.